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The professional and career changes over the last two years finally ends with the January 21steclipse, and whatever standing you have left is real and you can count on it to support you in the future.  Shift your focus to rehabilitating your day to day living, find a new routine or get your old one down to something you can manage, so you can embrace new ideas and new structures to work within.  Financial opportunities abound all year to increase your coffers, which have been sorely depleted over the last three years and need replenishing.  The challenge is to use the law or to learn something new to your advantage and you may need to travel quite the distance to learn what you need or to apply what you have learned.  It is better to work within a large group or organization rather than promoting your own agenda and you can accomplish more pushing the agenda with a group rather than an individual.  Miscommunication with lovers or children can complicate things in March, while legal or educational matters get compounded in July but the big challenge is for your own words not be misunderstood or misconstrued in November. .


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