Personal Services

Email Consultations


Email readings are much like phone consultations in answering specific questions, but I include written transits and compatibilities so you can clearly see the what and, more importantly, the when or why something is likely or not to occur.  The fee is $25.00 and includes one follow up question for clarification.  I must have your date, time and place of birth as well as the dates of birth of anyone involved in the decision.  Send this info to 

Phone Consultations

This is the best way to get answers about the here and now and the reasonably foreseeable future - the love, money and if you've got time, how's the health questions.  These are scheduled in 15 minute increments, so you can spend as much time or money as you wish to get your questions answered.  The fees are $50.00 for 15 minutes,  $100 for 30 minutes., $125 for 45 minutes and $175.00 for 1 hour.  All sessions are recorded and available for download as soon as the session is over. As soon as I get confirmation, I will email you to set up the time for the phone consult.  



For existing clients, updates are  what is in store for you over the next 12-24 months with close attention paid to specific transits of the outer planets to your natal chart, from the "big picture" down to the smaller one.  This service is only for people whose charts I have already done. Available either as printed or electronic delivery. 

Fee for update:  $75.00. 







Love Charts

Love charts are a hybrid service, combining a mini chart of someone you are interested in  (Sun, Moon, rising sign) with a compatibility between your Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars and their planets.  The fee is $50 and the information is emailed to you to download. o refer to throughout the year.  Please email me at with your date, time and place of birth as well as the date of birth and time if you have it of the person you are interested in.  





I am not currently doing in person sessions  I will resume in the fall. This is an in-depth two hour consultation at my office in Lutz.  We goes over your natal chart, planets, signs, houses, past, present and near future.  We look at your chart, the charts of other people you interact with as well as potential outcomes in both personal and professional situations.   All sessions are recorded and available as an mp3 as soon as the session is over. This is not for the idly curious or people with just one or two questions.  This is by appointment only. You must have an accurate date, time and place of birth for this service. The fee is $250.00. Please email me at for more information or to schedule an appointment. 
















Connie is a gifted Psychic and a Medium who, along with her Spirit Guide Azna, can answer those questions that I, an astrologer, cannot.  She can help you with past, present and future and is available via phone in 30, 45 and 60 minute  increments.  Connie does not provide recording for you but you are free to record the reading on your own personal device. 

Connie is also a Medium and does 45 minute readings communicating with loved ones who have crossed over.  These are only available on Mondays and Thursdays after 3:00 pm.  The fee is $200. 00.