Robert Mueller’s End Game. 



August 23 2018 

Donald Trump (Gemini June 14 1946) keeps saying there is no collusion but Mueller’s (Leo Aug 7 1944) end game is not collusion - his end game is convicting Donald J Trump, et al, under the RICO act in the State of New York where Trump resides and does business.  Trump may pardon himself and all the others in any Federal Action brought by Mueller but the Southern District of New York will take the Blue Ribbon evidence collected by Mueller and try him under New York Consolidated Penal Law PEN 460.00 which cannot be pardoned by any President;  only the Governor has pardon power over state actions.  My guess is the Trump Foundation or Trump Organization will provide the “unlawful welfare fund payments” that starts things rolling.    


      The Manafort (Aries April 1 1949) Trials and subsequent Michael Cohen (Virgo  Aug 25 1966) investigations serve to fulfill the main qualification for RICO to apply:  To convict a defendant under RICO, the government must prove that the defendant engaged in two (Manafort & Cohen) or more, (Don Jr Capricorn Dec 31 1977 is next) -  instances of racketeering activity and that the defendant directly (unindicted co-conspiritor) invested in, maintained an interest in, or participated in a criminal enterprise affecting interstate or foreign commerce. The law has been used to prosecute members of the mafia, the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, and Operation Rescue, an anti-abortion group, among many others. The case  brought against Trump University in California that was settled for $25 million just before the election was brought under the RICO Statute.  The irony of Richard Nixon (Capricorn) signing this law as well as Rudy Guiliani (Gemini) using it to lock up the other Teflon Don John Gotti (Scorpio) isn’t lost on me.  


Title 18: 1961:  Definitions:    There are a whole bunch more of them - take your pick - the underlined ones for sure - the others possible. 


section 1344 (relating to financial institution fraud), section 1425 (relating to the procurement of citizenship or nationalization unlawfully), section 1426 (relating to the reproduction of naturalization or citizenship papers), section 1427 (relating to the sale of naturalization or citizenship papers), sections 14611465 (relating to obscene matter), section 1503 (relating to obstruction of justice), section 1510 (relating to obstruction of criminal investigations), section 1511 (relating to the obstruction of State or local law enforcement), section 1512 (relating to tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant), section 1513 (relating to retaliating against a witness, victim, or an informant), section 1542 (relating to false statement in application and use of passport), section 1543 (relating to forgery or false use of passport), section 1544 (relating to misuse of passport), section 1546 (relating to fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents), sections ,[1] section 1951 (relating to interference with commerce, robbery, or extortion), section 1952 (relating to racketeering), section 1953 (relating to interstate transportation of wagering paraphernalia), section 1954 (relating to unlawful welfare fund payments (like hush money to strippers coming out of his Trump Foundation account falsely labeled as legal fees), section 1955 (relating to the prohibition of illegal gambling businesses), section 1956 (relating to the laundering of monetary instruments), section 1957 (relating to engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from specified unlawful activity),


§ 1962. Prohibited activities - this is where they get the kids

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person who has received any income derived, directly or indirectly, from a pattern of racketeering activity or through collection of an unlawful debt in which such person has participated as a principal within the meaning of section 2, title 18, United States Code, to use or invest, directly or indirectly, any part of such income, or the proceeds of such income, in acquisition of any interest in, or the establishment or operation of, any enterprise which is engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate or foreign commerce. A purchase of securities on the open market for purposes of investment, and without the intention of controlling or participating in the control of the issuer, or of assisting another to do so, shall not be unlawful under this subsection if the securities of the issuer held by the purchaser, the members of his immediate family, and his or their accomplices in any pattern or racketeering activity or the collection of an unlawful debt after such purchase do not amount in the aggregate to one percent of the outstanding securities of any one class, and do not confer, either in law or in fact, the power to elect one or more directors of the issuer.

(b) It shall be unlawful for any person through a pattern of racketeering activity or through collection of an unlawful debt to acquire or maintain, directly or indirectly, any interest in or control of any enterprise which is engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate or foreign commerce.

(c) It shall be unlawful for any person employed by or associated with any enterprise engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate or foreign commerce, to conduct or participate, directly or indirectly, in the conduct of such enterprises affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity or collection of unlawful debt.

(d) It shall be unlawful for any person to conspire to violate any of the provisions of subsection (a), (b), or (c) of this section.


§ 1963. Criminal penalties

(a) Whoever violates any provision of section 1962 of this chapter shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years (or for life if the violation is based on a racketeering activity for which the maximum penalty includes life imprisonment), or both, and shall forfeit to the United States, irrespective of any provision of State law

(1) any interest the person has acquired or maintained in violation of section 1962;

(2) any

(A) interest in;

(B) security of;

(C) claim against; or

(D) property or contractual right of any kind affording a source of influence over;

any enterprise which the person has established, operated, controlled, conducted, or participated in the conduct of, in violation of section 1962; and

(3) any property constituting, or derived from, any proceeds which the person obtained, directly or indirectly, from racketeering activity or unlawful debt collection in violation of section 1962.

The court, in imposing sentence on such person shall order, in addition to any other sentence imposed pursuant to this section, that the person forfeit to the United States all property described in this subsection. In lieu of a fine otherwise authorized by this section, a defendant who derives profits or other proceeds from an offense may be fined not more than twice the gross profits or other proceeds.

(b) Property subject to criminal forfeiture under this section includes

(1) real property, including things growing on, affixed to, and found in land; and

(2) tangible and intangible personal property, including rights, privileges, interests, claims, and securities.

(c) All right, title, and interest in property described in subsection (a) vests in the United States upon the commission of the act giving rise to forfeiture under this section. Any such property that is subsequently transferred to a person other than the defendant may be the subject of a special verdict of forfeiture and thereafter shall be ordered forfeited to the United States, unless the transferee establishes in a hearing pursuant to subsection (l) that he is a bona fide purchaser for value of such property who at the time of purchase was reasonably without cause to believe that the property was subject to forfeiture under this section. (The reason Don Jr is divorcing his wife before he gets indicted in an effort to save some property and assets. 


    The time table for this to unfold is not earlier than Labor Day 2018   My guess is rather than stoically resign like Capricorn Nixon and Scorpio Vice President Spiro Agnew, or face impeachment like Leo Clinton, I think he will succumb to physical pressure and it’s toll on his body with a medical out.   







Astrologer looks at Stephen Paddock and the Las Vegas Massacre.




Astrodatabank has the birth data on Stephen Paddock, the mass murderer in Las Vegas. It is April 9, 1953, 11:05 AM,Clinton Iowa (41N51,90w11). The rating for the data is AA, the highest Rodden Rating you can get for accuracy, and comes from his birth certificate. My thoughts are in bold type and Robert Hand's information is in italic print. 

















The chart gives him the Sun in 19 Aries, the Moon in 22 Aquarius, rising sign 22 Cancer. Mercury 22 Pisces, Venus 25 Aries, Mars 14 Aquarius, Jupiter 23 Taurus, Saturn 24 Libra, Uranus 14 Cancer, Neptune 22 Libra and Pluto 20 Leo.  I was surprised by the number of planets at 20 - 25 degrees: The Ascendant (22 Cancer), Neptune at 22 Libra, the Moon at 22 Aquarius, Mercury at 22 Pisces. At the time of the shooting, TRANSITING Saturn is at 22 Sagittarius and has been on and off that degree three times since January. 


Stephen Paddock was an Aries (ruled by Mars) with a Moon at 22 Aquarius, Mars at 14 Taurus and Pluto at 20 Leo.  This is a T-square in the Fixed signs. The empty leg of the Square is Scorpio which he filled by amassing an arsenal of guns and plenty of money to give him power and control.    His Node of the Moon (the eclipse cycle he was born under) was 9 Aquarius.  The 18 month eclipse cycle changed to the Leo/Aquarius axis in February. He had Mercury at 22 Pisces which was squared last January by Saturn at 22 Sagittarius - it retrograded and went back over that same point In mid-July and earlier this month and was exact when he pulled the trigger.


So why did he do it?  The answer is - he was an angry guy.  This guy was born with the Moon in Aquarius squaring Mars in Taurus and opposing Pluto in Leo - all fixed signs;  if that doesn’t make you an angry guy, I’m not sure what does.  It is also the classic “assassination” aspect.     I think it is a load of “hooey” that his girlfriend and her sisters say “He was such a nice, gentle guy”.  If so, why did TWO women divorce him and not want to bear his children?  Who divorces a rich white guy if he doesn’t have some kind of an issue worse than gambling.  

Here is what Robert Hand, world’s greatest astrologer says about this aspect in his book “Planets in Youth”.     


Moon square Mars

        This is one of the most difficult aspects of all in a natal chart.  The Mars voice is one of anger and the Moon’s message is of hurt when they are in a hard angle with each other.  The mis-hookup between these two energies can be seen quite clearly; wounded feelings and overly emotional reactions to even imagined slights can immediately snap into a temperamental reaction.  When the individual loses their temper, they feel guilty and therefore even more vulnerable.  And the cycle can begin all over again.  They may also contaminate their sexual feelings with a fear of abandonment.  They may never feel free to express either emotion or healthy aggression.  Any hurt triggers a reaction of frustration that cloud the original issue, even for themselves.  There is usually a lingering anger and resentment towards the mother which is then projected upon any love interest the minute they act in a maternal fashion.  In the mutable signs like Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini this behavior can be ameliorated through reason and anger-management coping skills, but in the fixed signs of Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius the energy cannot be modified no matter how hard the person tries.  The Cardinal signs of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra are a toss-up so it depends on the impetus behind the desire for modification. 


Here is my take on “why he did it” based on his natal chart and transiting planets.  I think he got “disrespected, discouraged or disillusioned” by a young (Saturn (dissed) square Mercury (young) Female (Uranus in Aries conjoining his Venus in Aries while opposing his natal Saturn at 24 Libra) during the April-May time span when Pluto squared his Sun sign of Aries. 

This is the Transit chart (as well as a Hoary Chart) for the massacre. 

















Here is what the world’s greatest Astrologer Robert Hand says about these transits in his world-famous book “Planets in Transit”.

PLUTO SQUARE SUN    March 2017 - June 2017

The origin of the problem. 


This transit is a test of your strength and the energy with which you have established yourself in the world.  The test may take many forms, but in any form it will require that your sense of personhood be in reasonably good shape; in other words, you should know who and what you are.  If you do not really know yourself, this transit is likely to bring about crises that will cause major changes in your life. 


One form that it may take is a test of your self-control as you try to get ahead in the world.  This transit stimulates your ambition and desire for power out of all proportion. If there is a ruthless side to your personality that will do anything to destroy opposition, it will come out now.  But, at the same time, forces in your world will try very hard to stop you.  To overcome the forces arrayed against you will require extreme ruthlessness.  On the other hand, you may know precisely what you need to succeed and go after just that, being willing to compromise and make your success also the success of others.  This is the proper course to take, but unfortunately this kind of accommodating spirit is not often found in Plutonian transits. 


If you are of a more retiring disposition, you may experience this transit quite differently.  Instead of being the person on a power trip, you may have to contend with someone else who is.  Here again, you must determine exactly YOUR RIGHTS AND NEEDS as an individual and stand up for them.  The problem here is not that you will overstep your bounds but that someone else will.  But you must fight or at least resist.  Either of these power struggles is most likely to occur in your profession, quite likely with someone in authority.


Many people refuse to deal with the energies of Pluto, but this can create problems because the energy will come out, and you won't have any control over where.  It can come as a physical breakdown.  Your body may go through a critical period in which it just has to stop and rebuild itself. Certainly if you have any kind of physical crisis during this transit, you should begin a conscientious program of physical exercise and therapy to build your body up again. 


Pluto's energy may also surface in the outer expression of your life.  You may be surrounded by conditions of breakdown and decay, which are an outward sign of the need to rebuild within. On the other hand, if you successfully use this transit to establish yourself and make your position in the world clear to yourself and others, without transgressing the bounds of what is rightfully yours, you will be able to accomplish much that will be valuable later.


      I think he has been thinking about this for a really long time, at least since October 2013 when Saturn squared his Moon, Mars and Pluto, but began actively planning this late last year. I also think he might have gotten some bad medical news (transiting Saturn in his 6th house of health square Mercury) and involved his brain, speech organs or lungs but if he blew his brains out, I guess we will never know.  I also think he wanted to do it a week earlier when the Moon was in Libra, conjoining his Neptune that Friday night and went into Scorpio on Saturday Sept 23 - filling in the empty leg of his Fixed Sign T-square:  Moon in Aquarius, Square Mars in Taurus square Pluto in Leo.  Apparently a room with a view wasn’t available (nothing says Grand Square with no outlet for the energy more than the phrase “no room with a view), so he waited for the Moon in Aquarius on Sunday night, Oct 1 before pulling the trigger. 


    In spite of what male friends have “mansplained” to me about the randomness of accuracy of automatic weapons at night into a “dark crowd” and women freezing thereby making them easier targets, I think he was aiming for women - I think that’s why he checked out Lollapalooza (lots of women attendees) earlier in the summer.    I think the root cause is a deep seated anger at women (Moon-Mars square) and his perception that they have the ability to render him impotent. He has been angry for a long time (was born that way) and gotten worse since October 2013 and November 2014 when Saturn opposed his Mars and squared his Moon and Pluto. I think that is his use of high power rifles as opposed to a fertilizer bomb represents genital transference (quite the “long rifle” assault weapon between his legs and the automatic fire as act of ejaculation) as well as the fact that the 2/3 of his dead victims were women is the manifestation of that anger.  Here is a timeline and some of the transits by Robert Hand that support my thinking: 

Saturn square Mercury  Jan 8 - Jan 27 2017, July 5-24 2017, Sept 24-Oct 15 2017. 

This is what he was thinking.  


This can be a time of difficulties in communicating with others and of problems arising from a serious conflict of viewpoints.  During this transit your ideas and opinions, as well as your ways of communicating with people, will be seriously challenged by others.  Disagreements may lead you to sever relationships or at least to consider doing so.  You may feel gloomy, depressed and worried because people do not seem to share your ideas.  This makes you feel alone, and at the same time you may withdraw from communicating with others.  Therefore this is usually a poor time to make any decisions unless you have to.  In your present frame of mind you are incapable of seeing the whole picture upon which any decision must be based.  Also your tendency toward pessimism makes you underestimate the real possibilities. 


Instead of withdrawing from intellectual conflict with others, you should try to recognize the sources of conflict and help everyone clarify the problems.  The differences between you and others are real.  Your ideas are fixed and clear enough that others may feel called upon to challenge them.  You are in the position of having to defend and justify to others what you believe and think. 


It may be that your thinking has become too rigid over the last several years. Challenges by other people can force you to examine your ideas and opinions to see whether they are broad enough to encompass your experience.  If you discover that they are not, this should be a time of radical mental reconstruction.  If you do not succeed in incorporating other people's challenges into your idea-structure and instead just ignore them, you will undergo a much more serious period of mental confusion and readjustment in about seven years, when Saturn opposes or conjoins your Mercury. 


Since Mercury rules the lungs and speech organs, this transit sometimes coincides with illnesses and afflictions of these organs, usually meaning that your communication is interfered with.  Laryngitis is such an illness. 



Here is what Astrology says he was feeling and a specific emotional timeline beginning Saturday September 30 at 10:30 pm and culminating at the moment he began shooting at 10:08 pm Sunday October 1 2017


Moon in the 8th House of Sex, Death, Regeneration and Profound Transformation: 10:30 pm Saturday Sept 29  - 2:00 pm Monday October 2. 

This is where his feelings were centered.


During this transit,your emotional experiences are much more intense than usual, which is reflected in the kins of people and situations that you are drawn to.  For example, you may draw in unusually intense or powerful people who have a strong effect upon you.  Very often through your emotional encounters with these people,you experience moods and feelings that are quite different from your  “normal” self.  You may ask if this is really you, it seems so different. This effect is most readily observable during a longer transit that also affects you psychologically,  In ordinary months, this transit may go by with little fanfare. 


You may also experience some of the effects associated with this transit through the second house, such as feeling over possessive about property or likely to be surrounded by old and familiar things that hold memories from your past.  But here there is the added danger of conflict, because this is the house of joint possessions and the possessions of other people.  Thus you may desire something that belongs to someone else, or you may desire greater control over something that is both your and another’s.  In either case you must recognize that your attachment serves no real purpose and that it is a potential source of trouble. . 


The Moon Square Mars   1:00 am - 3:00 am Sunday October 1 2017. 


Under this transit there is real danger of needless disputes, irritability, emotionalism, rash action and hastiness, Which may result in a harm or inconvenienced later. You'll find it difficult to handle other people for a while. Fortunately, this is a rather brief transit. One of its challenges is to successfully let off steam without making an unnecessary shambles. Also you have real tensions and grievances which you should express, as well as little annoyances that are not worth getting upset over. You may get involved with the annoyance in order to avoid the real grievances that you do not wish to face.


If you frequently feel somewhat discouraged about yourself, you should be especially careful with this transit.  You may see everything that comes your way as a threat and react much too defensively. Or you may draw in people who seem to attack you for no reason. Are they really attacking you, or are you just being over sensitive and insecure?


If you have a bolder and more self-confident temperament, you may be inclined to act too quickly, to be hasty, or over critical of others. Or you maybe accident prone. With this transit you're not as careful as you should be, and you might hurt yourself. Be especially careful with sharp metal objects. Domestic accidents or especially likely unless you take pains to act calmly and deliberately make sure that you express hidden aggressions against their proper objects and not against yourself or anyone else.



Moon Opposition Pluto  Sunday October 1 2017. 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


At the time your emotions are likely to be very profound and not always harmonious.  There is a whole series of typical emotional conflicts that may occur in relationships, as well as conflicts within yourself. 


First of all, you can expect intense encounters with others, chiefly those with whom you are very emotionally involved.  The deepest and most powerful forces within your subconscious mind are influencing your actions now, and often it is difficult to avoid acting impulsively.  Guilt, jealousy, over possessiveness or simply the desire to control another’s emotions can take possession of you, or you may experience these feelings through someone else.  You can be sure that any conflicts between you and another person will reveal a great deal about the inner workings of you both. If you can view such conflicts dispassionately and in a calmer light later on, you may derive some benefit from this transit.  Otherwise, these encounters are likely to be fruitless and irritating.  With this transit it is often hard to see your life clearly at the time.  It stirs up subconscious forces that may influence your perception so much, that you can’t see anything as it really is.  Like several other Moon opposition transits, this is not a good time for reaching a conclusion. On the other hand, if you experience a feeling that is so powerful it must be expressed, go ahead and express it.  You will gain nothing by holding it in except to give it more unconscious power over you.



Moon Conjoin Moon  pm Sunday October 1. 6:00 pm - 10:00

This is how he felt. 


It is hard to generalize about the effects of this transit, which signifies the beginning of  a major emotional cycle.  Your feelings today are likely to be the dominant theme. 


Certainly, emotional attitudes figure more prominently than usual at this time.  You should be careful not to lose your objectivity a discussion or lose your sense of perspective.  But you will not feel particularly good or bad with this transit; rather you will feel any emotion more strongly. Sometimes there is a tendency to attract things to you at this time.  Attracting things is a lunar or yin function, and this transit is a very yin time in the month.  Women may be more important to you than usual. 


Objects, persons and places that are familiar to you are very important at this time because you need emotional reassurance from your surroundings.  You may try to withdraw from others or from confrontations with unfamiliar or strange situation.  This is not a negative condition; it arises out of need to be by yourself for a while


Moon Oppose Saturn  When he pulled the trigger.  Sunday Oct 1 10:00 pm 


This transit, although brief, can have a disruptive effect on your relationships.  The problem is that it tends to make you feel very lonely and isolated, as if there is no one you can communicate with.  And this can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Perhaps, unconsciously, you send out signals to others declaring that you do not want to be bothered, that you would like to be alone.  You may get into a depressed mood that baffles the people around you, so they give up on you for the time being and stop trying to help you.  There is a strong tendency to look on the dark side of life and to react much more strongly to disappointments and failures than to reinforcement from others and success.  Thus you can plummet down into depression for no reason at all. 


The best way to handle such feelings is to do nothing.  Don’t take them seriously and don’t make any decisions based on the way you feel now.  Your perspective is not very good, but in a short time you will feel much better and be able to make much more intelligent observations. 


You may feel quite cold and unfeeling with this transit, but this too, shall pass. It may be necessary later to explain to people that you were just in a bad mood, but everyone gets into such moods from time to time and most people understand that. 


But if you would have asked him, here is what he would tell you he was feeling as he was pulling the trigger:


Saturn Sextile Moon  exact at 22 Sagittarius 17 on Sunday night Oct 1 2017 at 10:00 pm.  


This transit gives you a sense of discipline and self-control, which will make it easier to deal with the emotionally complicated issues in your life that you normally avoid.  At this time you can deal with difficult relationships that you could not handle in the past with proper detachment and objectivity.  You can reflect upon your feelings and examine them without letting them control you.  Make whatever changes should be made in your personal life with the confidence that you are seeing the truth clearly. 


The Moon rules your past and what you have gotten from it, while Saturn rules the patterns that you are building into your life now.  Consequently this transit enables you to build constructively upon your past and to embody its best teachings into your current life. Anything you do at this time must have a strong connection with your past life.  This is not the time to make a radical break with tradition. 


A related effect is that during this time family matters may become very important to you, especially matters concerning one or both of your parents.  Here again the self-control that this transit confers will ensure that your family interactions are constructive.  You are in better control than usual of your unconscious attitudes and the behavior generated by them, especially as regards family and loved ones. 


However, along with all of this is the need to be aware of what you are doing, which is relatively easy with this transit.  But if you take a passive attitude and simply let things slide by you with no effort on your part, the old patterns in your life will take over, and little progress will be made.  This transit is an opportunity to take conscious control in your life.  Nothing will force you to do so if you don't want to, but you would lose an excellent opportunity.    


    Again, this is one astrologer’s explanation of why another Angry white guy thought he had the right to hurt other people for real or perceived slights.   Yes, there were other transits is effect but these are the salient ones.  We know the what (he opened fire on unsuspecting concert goers), the where (Las Vegas), the when (Sunday night October 1 2017) and the how (23 semi-automatic assault rifles with automatic capability and lots of bullets) but what we don’t know is the Why - this is my Astrological interpretation.  Just sayin…