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Lighting a candle while invoking prayers has a long etablished place in World Religions. Mirrors have long been used to reflect energy into the ether to either draw in or reflect back certain energies. 


To that end, I have combined the power of Candle Magic with the Reflective power of a mirror to create a Mirror Reverse Candle kit to send negative energy back to from whence it came.  


Each mirror kit comes complete:  The Mirror with Prayer embossed, the right colored candle (black) and detailed instructions on both how and when to perform the ritual to reverse any negative energy sent your way. A piece of parchment is included so if you know the name of someone working against you, Inscribe their name on the paper, light it from the candle while chanting the prayer.  When the paper turns to ash, let the ashes fall in the tea candle hot wax, put it in the freezer, add a little water and when frozen, bury it in the back yard to effectively ice them out of your life forever. 

Reverse Candle Magic Kit

  • Each mirror is custom made and as such there are small imperfections that come from something hand made which in no way intefere with the use.  


    Do not scrub or use any abrasive substance to clean the mirror.  A soft cloth moistened with a little rubbing alcohol is all that is needed to keep the mirror and vinyl embossing clean.  

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