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PaKua mirrors are great Feng Shui tools to protect the home and repel negative entities and energies. Our Feng shui Pa Kua or Bagua mirror is a round mirror inside an octagonal frame with a Reverse Prayer embossed in red.

Bagua mirrors are used to counteract negative chi of a spiritual nature such as evil entities. They are only used outside the house, office or retail business, and are mounted above the door or window with the mirror facing away the home or office. Never use a bagua mirror on the inside of the home or office. Place a bagua mirror above your front door to harmonise and create good fortune for all those that enter. The Bagua Mirror is a traditional Feng Shui cure for the outside of your home. It attracts good energy into your home from the neighborhood, while redirecting negative energy away from your space. Bagua Mirrors should only be hung facing the outside of your home; they should not be facing into your living space.Try to avoid directing thePa Kua Bagua Mirror directly towards neighbors as they can be hit with this negative energy causing harm to others.

Pa Kua mirror

  • This is a hand made product, vinyl on glass, so do not scrub or use abrasive products on it. A soft cleaning cloth with rubbing alcohol is all that is needed to keep fingerprints off the mirror surface.  

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