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Changes in both where you work and the job that you do along with onerous responsibilities that kept you from having a good time should be completed by the January 21 eclipse, leaving you free to address the more creative and fun parts of your life.  Opportunities for love and laughter, fun and frolic expand the range of love in your life; single Fish can find someone new to love, while attached ones feel the passion deepen as the year goes by.  The emphasis is on expanding the love principal in your life, and you may either bring someone new to life, or give birth to a child of your mind; both are likely to take on a life of their own and may evolve into quite the responsibility, so have a care with what you create. Professional success and advancement is likely and as a result the group may call upon you to do something altruistic with your time, just make sure there is something waiting at the end for you rather than just an “attaboy” for your hard work.  Don’t get suckered into falling for the “only man” concept; that you are the only one possible to do the job in March, or get wrapped up in children or lover’s problems in July and avoid legal complications through clear lines of communication in November.    




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