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The last eclipse opposing your sign January 21 brings two tumultuous years to a close profoundly changing who you are and how you express yourself, both personally and publicly, as well as the people you are partnered with. Your focus now shifts to the job that you do and where it is that you do it and you can count on your well-placed male friends and colleagues to help you do it.  Changes are likely both in January and in July, and rather than fighting the change, you should embrace it because it’s going to happen whether you want it to or not so it is better to be the instrument than the victim of change. Have a care with health matters and deal with any issues directly and with a second and sometimes third opinion and remember that there is a psychological component to disease:  a lack of ease in the emotional being manifests itself as disease in the physical being; you cannot cure one without curing the other. Financial problems through miscalculation occur in March, health or work matters get compounded in July and professional problems can rear their ugly heads in November. 



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