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Mercury, planet of communication , is in Pisces for the next 21 days. Here is the long-form podcast with Crash and AJ on 98rock

What's in store in 2024

Treat yourself to an overview for 2024 with the major outer planets so you know where you will have challenges as well as where you will have opportunities to succeed.  


Week of February 26 2024







I am a professional AstroAnalyst. use Astrology to help you see the choices you have in front of you and their possible outcomes so you can choose the path that is right for you. I am available for phone or Skype consultations as well as via email to answer your questions about the here and now and are available in 15 minute increments.  All sessions are recorded and are available for download immediately.


There are some questions

cannot answer, and for those I turn to


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