Shaking fist at sky saying "Curse you Mercury Retrograde" I only got half the video of todays podcast.  After struggling all afternoon to come up with some clever combination of old and new video, which looked awful, I just went with the audio overview of the Beaver Moon this week. 

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Week of Nov 11 2019

Daily Horoscopes









Sun in Scorpio

Moon in Taurus, Gemini & Cancer

Full Moon Tuesday Nov 12 in Taurus/Scorpio axis



 20-13 Scorpio 

Venus Sagittarius 10-18

Mars 24-28 Libra

Jupiter 25 Sagittarius

Saturn at 16 Capricorn 

Uranus Retrograde 4 -3 Taurus

Neptune Retrograde 16 Pisces

Pluto  20 Capricorn 

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