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The profound changes at home begun in February 2017 are the January 21 eclipse so your focus can shift to making changes in your day to day living that are much easier for you to manage.  Long distance and short duration travel is likely as your desire to move about the world breaks you out of an inspirational rut you may have be in as a result of overwhelming responsibilities at home for the last several years.  Legal or educational matters may grind slowly to a satisfactory conclusion, so focus on bringing things to a successful conclusion by the July eclipses rather than initiating new ones. The Money Gods smile upon you all year as jointly-held resources pay off dividends or a small windfall or inheritance can take the financial heat of a bit as you can benefit from partner’s income as well.   Friends or groups can create problems in March, misunderstandings with paperwork in July and irritated partners can result in communication breakdowns in November.

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