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Your best new year in 12 starts as mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet transits through your sign all year, bringing new starts in just about every area of your life.  Single Archers can find someone to love while attached ones feel the commitment growing. The restructuring of your day to day living, resolving legal problems or finishing up educational matters is complete by January 21 freeing you up to fill your sorely depleted coffers by the July eclipses.  Have a care not to run financially amok as there are still restrictions and delays with income, so see if you can make do with less rather than ruthlessly chasing something more.  Something you are very much afraid of rears its ugly head in the summer, forcing you to deal directly with something rather than procrastinating as long as you can; facing your fears takes the power away from them and coming up with a plan to deal with the worst-case scenario keeps you from a knee-jerk reaction.   Problems at home can be compounded through miscommunication in March, can spread to jointly-held resources in July and end up with your own words doing you in by November. 

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