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Your focus this year is to expand the love principle in your life through creativity bringing to fruition what was started last February and August, and imprinting your own inimitable style on the things you create.  Be prepared for fight for the things you believe in between June and September and to enlist the help of well placed male friends and colleagues to lend a hand when asked.  Old loves or partners return between October and November to ask the question “are you sure, are you sure, are you really, really sure” and depending on who shows up, the answer might surprise you.  The Money Gods smile on you during the first half of the year with benefits from other people and their resources flowing your way, as well as unearned income seeming to drop out of the sky just when you need it the most.  Professional changes are in the wind, so be receptive to overtures but remember that all structures have their own responsibilities and to make sure that the ones you are moving toward are less restrictive than the ones you are moving away from or you will have traded one oppressive structure for one that looks just like it.   Mercury retrograding in March and April wreaks havoc with your word and relationships, in July and August with children, lovers, amusements and pleasures while the November - December time span brings problems with travel, education or the law.  




Profound changes in both your professional life and home life that were started between February and August last year, continue and, whether you want to or not, will result in consternation and grief if you try to resist the inevitable changes between June and August.  The trick is to realize when something has outlived its usefulness in your life and to willingly welcome the change realizing that change doesn’t hurt us, it is resisting the change that causes all the pain.  Whatever you have left in the fall is stable, real and dependable, something you can build up over the next three years to sustain you and your lifestyle.  Opportunities to partner up appear throughout the year, with blasts from your partnership past coming back to check your pulse and see if you are still mad between October and November, which, as a stubborn Bull, you probably are.  Make sure whomever you partner up with brings some older but wiser advice as well as resources to the table before inviting them to sit down. Hold your tongue from late March to mid-April or your own words will be used against you, have a care with home matters during late July and mid August and be prepared for unanticipated expenses as the year draws to a close in November and December. 



The dominant focus this year is on legal, educational and important matters at a distance, as events in February and August bring matters begun those same months last year to fruition for good or for ill, depending on how well you have structured your finances and secrets.  Although the best defense is often a strong offense, the trick here will be to only answer questions if a subpoena has been served, and to hold your tongue if possible so your own words aren’t used against you in late July and early August.  Hard work is in store this year; nothing particularly glamorous, just doing your job to the best of your ability.  Some obstacle that had been in your way moves on and you are free do your job the way that you see fit or secure a new or better position.  Health matters are positive, just be careful not to gain too much weight from over indulgence.  You may be cut off from accustomed sources of income and may have to make do with less, but the hardest lesson will be to learn that you are the only one you can depend on when friends let you down in late March and early April, and when you find yourself saying “et tu Brute”  when perceived allies turn into tacit enemies during the latter part of the year.  




Money, and the resources that you share with others, continue to dominate your actions this year, with the most serious challenges coming between June and August, perhaps as a result of action taken in the spring and summer of 2017.  Be careful not to get involved in dubious financial schemes during the summer as they are likely to cost, rather than make you money and irritate or even alienate partners along the way. Interpersonal relationships can grow strained as the year progresses, so make sure that partners bring something to the table other than an appetite and be willing to cull the herd a bit as new information comes to light.  Love and creativity are enhanced so be receptive to things that make your heart sing and welcome new love, or even old love resurrecting itself right under your nose.  It is a most fertile year for Cancers, in every sense of the word, so have a care with the things you bring into being as they are likely to take on a life of their own that you will then be responsible for.  You may be able to take something you love and turn it into a vocation, and when you do what you love, the money usually follows.  Don’t believe everything you hear professionally in late March and early April, keep a close eye on your finances between July and August, and have a care with things you say at work in the fall.   




The Eclipse cycle in your sign continues what it started last year with changes and challenges coming in February and August that will challenge your decision to stay on the path you have chosen.  Allies and frenemies seem to come out of the woodwork between June and August, and you may find everyone pointing an accusatory finger in your direction.  Hire professionals and then let them do their jobs or you will end up throwing gasoline on a bonfire and blowing your own self up along the way. There is nothing but hard work in this year, so pare things down to something you can manage and try avoiding taking on any new responsibilities in order to focus on the ones you already have.  Home matters will go well as you try and solidify your foundations by either beautifying your existing home, or perhaps even purchasing a new home, even if you aren’t planning on living there right away.  Something new comes to light in the fall that changes things, perhaps even assuaging some vague guilt you’ve been dragging around forever lightening your load considerably.  Be careful with legal or educational matters in February and March, try not to provoke partners or open enemies in late July and August, and avoid misunderstandings with lovers or children as the year draws to a close. 




Work and responsibilities will be the focus of your efforts as projects begun last year begin to bear fruit at the eclipses in February and August;  just make sure you aren’t biting off more than you can chew as things can get overwhelming as the year progresses.  Saturn in your 5th house is likely to be anything but amusing, and you may end up being responsible for someone or thing, not necessarily your own because no one can do the job better than you.  Old love may show you how it feels, and you may even find blasts from your romantic past coming back to see if time healed their wounds. Do not let something break your heart over the summer, and deal directly with any health matter, particularly those involving the circulatory system, heart or head.  The pace of your life picks up to warp speed with short distance, short duration travel during the first half of the year and then down to something you can manage as the year progresses.  You may get the chance to learn something useful about your world, take classes or get some kind of certification to enable you to reach a larger audience with your your thoughts and deeds.  Pay close attention to financial mistakes or miscommunication in late March and early April, don’t let your pride or your friends lead you astray in late July and early August and do not procrastinate in fixing things at home the right way in late November and early December. 





Love and laughter, fun and frolic and goals and objectives all come into play this year as you continue the growth begun last year expanding the range of love in your life and bringing you dazzling close to a long term hope, wish goal or objective.  You can count on your loved ones to work with you, even if they challenge how you go about things between June and August, but at the end of the year you find yourself happier and more secure than you have been in years past.  You may have to say goodbye to someone or thing, or perhaps even a structure that has outlived its usefulness in your life, but resist not the change, for structure will fade despite you best efforts to stave it off.  You can make a boatload of money this year through earned income, as in 2006, but remember the lesson then was when to get out, not when to get in.  Venus retrograding in your sign in the fall brings both old and new love to the equation; just take until the end of the year to gather enough information to make the best choice.  Be careful what you promise to partners in late March and early April, don’t criticize too loudly or you’ll get the thankless job to fix it in late July and early August and double check all reservations and appointments to not fall behind the power curve in late November and December. 




Jupiter in your sign for the first time in 12 years empowers you and allows the newly risen-from-the-ashes you to project your considerable energies out into the world to get what it is that you say that you want based on however it is you define that.  The focus is on rehabilitating your professional life, continuing what was begun last year at the February and August eclipses and continuing on this year in those same months to tear down what is outdated and useless and beginning to replace it with someone more suited to your liking.  Just be careful not to knock down any load-bearing walls at home between June and August and be prepared for resistance from family  members and stick to a plan once you make it. The pace of your life is being restructured and with it comes a sense of purpose, discipline and a narrowing of your laser-like focus to something you can manage over the next three years or so.  Be careful with what you say about work and responsibilities in late March and early April, do not bite the hand that feeds you or pick fights with the powers that be in late July and early August because it will end up impacting you rather negatively financially which will put a crimp in your holidays as the year ends. 




After three relentless years of ever increasing responsibility, the focus this year is on your day to day living as you try to do more with less and create some kind of structure to operate within, even if it is on shoestring budget.  Financial problems begin to rear their ugly heads and  you may need some good legal counsel to make the best of things, but you will be surprised to know how little you really need as you purge your life of unnecessary accoutrements in order to keep the whole thing afloat.  Important legal or educational matters take up most of the summer, just don’t count on friends to come through for you and if you do pay for any legal advice, follow it.  You can benefit from behind-the-scenes activity, but remember that you aren’t as lucky as you once were and you are likely to get caught if you try to do anything shady, so keep things on the up and up to make the best of things.  Jupiter finally enters your sign towards the end of the year and you will know that you have survived some very difficult challenges and whatever you have left is real and dependable and you can go on your merry way unencumbered by fears or doubts.  Have a care with younger people and new loves in the spring, avoid legal complications in the summer and your own words being hurled back against you as the year draws to a close. 




Money, making more of it, spending less of it and generally securing your financial position is the focus of this years energies, so be receptive to better business opportunities but remember that you don’t get something for nothing and all that glitters isn’t gold.  Challenges are the greatest during the summer so fix things right the first time and remember that greed is bad for your soul.  You get to achieve a long term hope, wish, goal or objective through the help of well-placed powerful female friends, so if the group offers to lend a hand, let them.  Saturn, in your sign for the first time in 29 years, is at home in your sign, so increasing responsibilities shouldn’t scare you, in fact you are likely to welcome them and, with a little bit of help from your friends and colleagues, begin to build quite the dynasty over the next three years.  Old bosses may come calling to see if you might be available towards the end of the year, so hear them out and be gracious either way.  Be careful not to mess things up at home through miscommunication or misunderstandings in late March and early April, cost you even more money through mismanagement or mistakes in late July and early August and provide the ammunition to shoot yourself in the foot as the year draws to a close. 




The Eclipse cycle is opposing your sign this year, continuing the fight begun at the first set of eclipses last February and August, so be prepared to fight for your rights, both inside and outside of relationships, with particular enmity between June and August.  Make sure there is something more than just your ego at stake and pick and choose your battles wisely - to fight blindly will only guarantee your defeat and give enemies enough ammunition to keep you at bay for far longer than you wish.  You may not have the resources you think, so be careful both with whom and where you commit yourself and don’t be afraid to say no to a good friend with a bad plan. Professional success is quite likely, and that alone can stir up feelings or jealousy or resentment from sore losers, so be low-key in your success and remember that you meet the same people on the way down that you stepped over on the way up.  Be careful to what you agree to time-wise during late March and early April, try not to make enemies out of what can be perfectly good allies during late July and August and try not to take on additional group responsibilities as the year draws to a close. 




The most challenging three years in recent memory is finally over, and like the Munchkins after the house fell on the Wicked Witch of the East, it is safe to come out and play once again.  Well placed friends or colleagues will lend a hand in reestablishing your credibility and you may even find yourself responsible for some kind of an organization that doesn't pay very much but can be very rewarding in an esoteric fashion. The law is on your side, so legal or educational matters go very well, and you may get the chance to study something new or travel quite the distance to learn something rather useful and then apply it in your world.  The big challenge comes between June and August as you have to fight an unseen foe who may at one time have been a friend, but now is working against you to serve their own purposes, so don’t be a martyr or a sucker for a sad tale.  Love from afar can beckon, just be sure it is what it is represented to be before bringing your heart to any parties.  Be scrupulously careful with money or finances in late March and early April, be careful to do your job to the best of your ability in late July and early August and do not provoke the powers that be as the year draws to a close.  

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