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Overview 2015



The eclipse cycle shifts between the Libra/Aries and Virgo/Pisces axis. The last time it was on the axis was between 1996 and 1997.  Expect to deal with similar energies in precisely the same places as it did the last time.  Remember that the nature of eclipses is to force you to take action to get your emotional needs in a particular area of life to better reflect your wants and your needs.  The solar eclipse represents energies operating on the conscious level – affecting the Sun – so it would be where you project your identity in whatever house it is transiting through.  The Lunar eclipse represents your emotional energies operating on the non-conscious need level. They always occur in pairs, always 2 weeks apart every 6 months. The cycle takes approximately 18 months.  The challenge is to recognize the areas that need work and to voluntarily choose to act during the first set of eclipses.  If you don’t then the universe will take care of it for you at the next set of eclipses and the change will be complete by the 3rd set.

Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun at 29 Pisces on March 20

Total Lunar Eclipse of the Moon at 14 Libra on April 4

Partial Solar Eclipse of the Sun at 20 Virgo September 13

Total Lunar Eclipse of the Moon at 4 Aries September 28.


Prosperity Ritual – dance naked and burn money at the Equinox – March 20 and Sept 23




Fun is on your agenda during the early half of the year with new love in either the physical sense of the word or in the esoteric sense as you can fall in love with someone or something.  Let your creativity out and follow it where it leads until July after which you can turn an avocation into a vocation and make some money while having a really good time doing what you love.  The latter half of the year brings a better working environment with some obstacle that had been in your path moving out the way in the fall, leading to a much more gratifying job situation as well as the potential for some serious advancement.  Deal with health matters promptly and you can expect a good outcome.  Try to avoid legal embroilments as they can drag out for years, and see if you can find a way for slow, solid growth as you build a strong foundation for the next phase of your life.  Your transformation over the last 3 years is complete and now is the time to take your show on the road and see how it plays to an out-of-town crowd.  Mercury retrograding in mid-January can cause grief and aggravation as well as misunderstandings and miscommunication with group associations, goals and objectives; in your daily living and working conditions in mid-May through mid-June and partnerships and equitable relationships in mid-September through mid-October.  Rams need to be aware of the potential for a love interest where you work when Venus, planet of love retrogrades between July and November, so check office rules and policies before starting something that can end up with someone, usually the woman, losing her job if things go south.




Use the first half of the year to finish up home projects, some pending since late last summer as your desire for a stable inner world manifests by solidifying the structures of your home and foundations in the outer world.  You may refinish, refurbish, renovate or even purchase property if you aren’t planning on living there right away in your desire for a stable world.  The second half of the year turns your focus to the love principle, either in personal relationships with lovers or children, or some kind of creative project that can be a child of your mind; just know that things like this take on a life of their own and can go from an avocation to a vocation in the blink of an eye.  The long three year period of being behind the scenes and toiling away daily is coming to an end and you may be cut off from accustomed sources of income, but be assured they will be replaced by something you create so they are wholly dependent on you and your efforts and therefore easier to direct them the way you want them to go.  Mercury retrograding in your professional sector in mid-January-February brings upsets, upheavals and misunderstandings; in your money sector in mid-May-June and in your work and responsibilities in mid-September-October, so wait until those retrogrades are over before drawing any conclusions or taking any kind of action. Use a once-in-twelve years Venus-Jupiter conjunction in September and October to fall in love with someone or something and then spend the rest of the year enjoying it.




The pace of your day-to-day living continues to pick up so don’t bite off more than you can chew and you can carve out a pretty decent schedule to deal with the out-and-backs you’ll be on during the early half of the year.  You get to learn something useful about your world that began last fall, and with a little bit of effort you can cut out a pretty good deal for yourself and reach a broader audience than your originally anticipated.  The latter half of the year finds your shoring up your foundations, in both a physical and esoteric sense of the word, as you try to create a solid base of operations for you to operate on via home and family and being a part of something larger than yourself, so it’s a good time to invest or reinvest in property and real estate even if you don’t plan on living there right way.  Just make sure you don’t go overboard in expenses between late August and mid September or you can end up paying lots and getting very little.  Once you lay a solid foundation, you can turn your attention to your interpersonal relationships, both personal and professional, so take your time before jumping into any new legal partnerships and be sure that you get something of value in exchange for the freedoms you’ll be giving away when signing any legally binding documents.  Pay particular attention to legal documents or agreements made during Mercury retrograde from mid-January to mid-February for misrepresentation or misunderstandings, be careful with personal issues and relationships in mid-May to mid-June and try to do the equitable thing regarding love or children in mid-September through mid-October.




The three years of unexpected changes in both your home and career sector begin to come to an end after April, and anything you have left can be counted on to be real and dependable and you can begin to reap the financial rewards you were looking for since last fall.  The latter half of the year brings short-distance, short-duration travel along with the opportunity to learn something useful or practical about your world in either a formal or informal setting ending the year with a pretty decent daily routine for you to operate out of. You may get the opportunity in late summer and early fall to find love during your travels, just make sure it is what you think in is before making any long term commitments.  There is likely to be a narrowing of your focus where you work, and if you can find a way to shed useless responsibilities do so or it will take it’s toll on your health and your body will intervene to make you take things a little bit slower.  Remember that guilt always has to be punished by pain and is a mental by-product of living in the past rather than embracing the here and now, which in truth, is all any of us really have.  Change your mind about that and you can change your life.  Miscommunication and misunderstandings about jointly-held resources happen from mid-January to mid-February; conspire to use your own words and thoughts against you in mid-May through mid-June and threaten the peace and balance at home in late September and early October.




The first half of the year is all about you, your intimate one-to-one relationships, getting your wants and your needs being met and with any reasonable effort you should be able to initiate the best new start in your life in 12 years, so make sure every action you take is geared towards furthering your own interests.  Love and creativity are featured during the early part of year, taking on a life of their own after Jupiter resumes it’s forward motion in your sign in early April.  The second half of the year should bring the opportunity to make more money with something reworked in late September to better suit your specifics and bring about the best financial position you’ve been in since 2003.   The problems you have had with your home over the last three years seems to fade away after early April and you can finally have the roots and stability that has been so hard to come by of late and begin to cautiously enjoy yourself as you find a real and tangible expression of both your love and the love that you share with others.  Children can become a big part of your life in one way or another so realize exactly the responsibility they entail before cavalierly bringing something new that will take over your life completely.  Problems with miscommunication between partners occurs in late January through early February, can wreak havoc with group plans or committees in late May to early June and upset the balance of your day to day living in late September through mid October.




The three year restructuring and maximizing the resources that you share with others begins to be completed in early April and is done to your satisfaction by the time Jupiter enters your sign in mid-August.  Finish up projects begun last summer during the first half of the year as the second half is devoted to doing what you want, when you want and with whom you want to do it with; something that hasn’t happened since the last time mighty Jupiter was in your sign in early 2004, so make sure all your choices put your needs at the top of the list.  Blasts from your romantic past may come calling in the fall, so hear what they have to say, but remember that they are in your past for a damn good reason and be selective in who you welcome into your life.  Make sure they have their own place or you may find someone moving in a little bit closer than you might like and the restrictions it will impose on your life is likely to be significant, much as it was in 1987 and again in 2001. You are in a cycle of restructuring your inter-personal relationships, and perhaps even take on a new partner, so take your time and be sure you know what you are getting yourself into.  Remember that you can have anything you want in life, but have to be prepared for the responsibilities that go along with it and that anything is easier to get into than it is to get out of. Miscommunication abounds where you work in mid-January through mid-Feb, compounds your professional life in late May and early June and wreaks havoc with your finances between mid-September and early October.




The profound transformations in your personal relationships begin to ease up a bit by early April and you can begin to depend on the structures you have left in the way of friendships and bonds as the year progresses.  You can depend on the help of well placed male friends or colleagues to help you reach a goal or objective during the first half of the year while the second half is spent incorporating your new duties and obligations into the fabric of your life.  The financial constraint you’ve been under for the last two years begins to fade away as well and you can begin to rebuild your sorely depleted coffers albeit slowly and methodically.  Be careful of any dubious schemes in the fall, perhaps as a result of a decidedly feminine wile, so remember that you don’t get something for nothing, everything has a price and nobody ever wants to pay retail.   You can begin to restructure your day-to-day living to something you can manage and you need to find a way not to backtrack in the late fall when Mercury retrograding in your sign causes miscommunication and misunderstanding in what your say that you want versus what you really want.  Problems with children or lovers occur in mid-January through mid-February, casts a damper on long-distance travel arrangements or legal and educational matters in mid-May to early June.




Three years of personal restrictions and delays finally begin to ease up this year as Saturn, the greater malefic, leaves your sign not to darken your doorway for some 29 years or so. Whatever structures you still have in your life can be counted on as real and dependable, and ones that have gone by the wayside should be left there as they were structures which had outlived their usefulness in your life and were only holding you back.  Professional success comes between April and July when you can parlay your skill and talent with an outstanding sense of timing to put yourself in an enviable position by early August akin to the last time it happened in 2004.  The latter half of the year finds you manipulating your friends and colleagues into actions guaranteed to bring you what you say you want under the guise of doing the most good for the most people. Unattached Scorpios can find something quite perfect right under their nose in their own social circle in the fall.  Saturn is beginning a three transit of your second house of money, so you may have to find ways to do more with less, which isn’t a bad idea in any event.  Be careful when complaining about something at home in mid-January to early February or you’ll get the thankless job of fixing it which will take way longer and cost more than you budgeted for contributing to financial distress.  Miscommunication in mid-May to early June wreaks havoc on your jointly-held resources and unreliable legal advice or an unjust action in late September and early October can have you shaking your fist at the sky yelling “no fair” to no avail.




Three years or having to stay behind the scenes finally comes to an end in early April when you get the opportunity to bring about a long-term hope, wish, goal or objective. You do your very best work in person, so take advantage of any long-distance travel in order to press your case.  Legal or educational matters can be brought to a successful conclusion during the first half of the year while the second half brings professional recognition and success.  Along with the accolades comes a ton of responsibility as Saturn enters your sign for the first time in 29 years so be prepared to pare down your life to something you can manage as the time has come to build some new structures into your formerly carefree life and you may have to say goodbye or see’ya to things that served as a fun distraction but really contributed nothing to help you get where you say you want to be.  Single Archers can feel the love where they practice their profession, but check the rules about that before beginning, be sure that the pleasure will be worth the pain if it goes left and know that it really isn’t worth it if you only sleep your way to the middle.  Misunderstandings and miscommunication can cause you to backtrack with paperwork or agreements in mid-January through mid-February, bring problems with partners and intimate-one-to-one relationships in late May through early June and cause problems with important matters, the law or school in mid-September through mid-October.




Three years of carving out your professional niche comes to a successful conclusion by early April with actions that can solidify your position and lead the way to achieving a long standing hope wish, goal or objective during the latter half of the year.  There have been some profound changes in your financial picture since August, but things settle down to something you can manage by late June or early July.  You may decide to go back to school or learn something in a rather formal setting that will help you out professionally the following year, with the likelihood increasing in the fall along with success with legal or educational matters. Travel plans or educational opportunities may go awry in mid-September even though they might seem to be perfect, the universe will intervene for reason it deems necessary.   Be careful what you wish for this year because the responsibility of getting what you ask for may knock you back a bit when you realize how completely it will encompass your life and even though you can handle responsibility with the best of them, you might feel like Jon Steward when he pulls at his collar and says “yeesh” when the full impact of something hits him.  Miscommunication and misunderstanding with finances can compound things from mid-January through mid-February, create double-scheduling and problems at work or with medical tests in mid-May to early June and cause confusion and delays with professional matters in late September and early October.




Your long three year struggle with school or the law finally comes to an end in early April when you finally begin to move forward again towards a better position, both personal and financially.  The most important lesson you have learned is that the law really does apply to you and now that you know what the rules are, you can work really hard within them to get what you say you desire.  New partnerships and better communication between partners during the first half of the year is likely to continue bringing a maximizing of resources during the latter half of the year. Be careful with old loves coming back and draining your finances with sad tales in the fall and remember that people are usually in the past for a damn good reason.  Be aware of how people perceive you and you can live either up or down to the expectations as you choose, but you can rely on partners to help you put your best foot forward and get what you want.  Count on the solid support of a group of friends or colleagues but remember that there are always chits created when someone does you a solid and they will expect repayment at some time, much like the Godfather at his daughter’s wedding granting wishes to collect on them later.  The devil will be in the details all year, but particularly confounding personally in mid-January through mid-February, with love, creativity or children in late May through mid-June and with legal, educational or important matters at a distance in mid-September through mid-October.




The changes and upsets in your finances begins to abate during the first half of the year with something happening in early April that changes things in some way for the better.  You may ask for and get help from a partner, as one-to-one relationships are likely to work out very well for you during the latter half of the year.  There are big changes afoot in your personal life so be receptive to what comes your way and use your mutable energy to be engaged even if it doesn’t appear to be what you expected it to be.  The Eclipse cycle is shifting to your axis bringing your focus to your love life and partners.  Venus moving backward opposed to your sign in the fall brings back loves from your past challenging you to see if you are over being mad at them; take your time with your eyes wide open and judge them by their actions, not their words and wait until early November before committing yourself either way.  All of the focus on your love life may draw much- needed attention away from professional or career matters, but that is where you will need to concentrate your energies if you want to keep your job and the wolves away from your door so try not to lose your mind or get lost in love.  Friends can lead you astray with sad tales and flat out lies in mid-January through early February, misunderstandings and miscommunication at home in mid-May through mid-June can cost money and repairs done over again can break the bank while jointly-held resources drain you as well in late September to mid-October.




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