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Changes in your love life or with children are completed by the January 21steclipse, bringing matters begun in February 2017 to a successful conclusion.  Friends, lovers or groups set by the curb should stay there even if they come calling promising they will be better for you.  The time is right to put your undivided attention towards career and professional matters and with any reasonable effort, you should see start to see success by the July eclipses.  Short distance, short duration travel is likely along with educational opportunities and you may get the chance to earn some kind of certificate or certification that can help you succeed professionally.   A harsh reality hits home during the year, and there is really nothing you except say goodbye to a structure which has outlived its usefulness in your life; the harder you resist the change, the more painful the change is: change doesn’t hurt it is resisting the change that causes all the pain. Work problems get compounded in Mach, professional misunderstandings can ruin July and financial problems may muddy the water in November. 

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