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The profound changes in your life begun in February 2017 finally are completed at the January 21 eclipse and anyone or thing still in your life is valid, real and you can depend on them to help support you in the future.  Your focus then shifts from being all about you, to giving a little bit more than you get.  Rather than going out and doing battle with the world, it is a better use of this energy to solidify your position, finish up old projects begun last summer, rather than initiate new ones which won’t have the energy to succeed.  Consolidating changes at your job continue this year, so with an eye towards the future, consider your next move and have a plan if the trigger is pulled before you are ready to go on to something else at the July eclipses.  Indulge your passion as you can fall in love with someone or something. It’s a fertile year in every sense of the word; with an eye towards the future, you may find a way to create a “child of your mind” and turn what was an avocation into a vocation as the year draws to a close.  Avoid financial misunderstandings in March, hurt feelings from miscommunication in July and fights at home in November.  


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