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Problems with legal or educational matters begun in Feb 2017 finally come to some kind of a conclusion by the January 21 eclipse and the scope of the matter begins to be clear so you can devise a plan to deal with it.  Your focus continues to be on money; making more of it and preserving what you have with events occurring in January and July that will make it a challenge to do so. You may be cut off from accustomed sources of income, or have to make do with less than usual; consolidation of finances is the key to surviving intact.  Allies can be found among existing partners or perhaps with an older or foreign flavor, so have a care not to turn friends into enemies, rather to find common ground with open enemies and come to some kind of terms that allows some face to be saved on all sides.  Professional miscommunications about in March, financial problems rear their ugly heads in July and medical and work-related problems creep up in November. 

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