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The overhaul of your financial picture is completed by the January 21 eclipse and you should be on more solid financial footing now than you were two years ago when the process began.  Your focus now shifts to partnerships and other intimate one-to-one relationships, some of which have been under scrutiny since the first eclipse opposing your sign last July 13th,and will continue to be so through the summer eclipses.   Take some time over this year to examine each relationship to see if it meets your wants and needs according to how you define them; and if not, then consider setting them by the curb so you can create new partnerships that better serve your interests.  Remember that partners want the same rights you have in the relationship and are likely to become quite vocal if there is an inequity and rather than suffer in silence, they will let you know in no uncertain terms exactly what they need.   Problems with scheduling and daily living pop up in March, misunderstandings with partners can cause frustrations in July, and miscommunications with the group can cause grief and aggravation in November. 



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