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The financial upheaval of the last two years comes to an end at the January 21 eclipse, and whatever you have left in the way of resources is real, tangible and you can count on them to support you in the future.  Your attention then turns to you: Your wants, your needs, however you define them, as both an individual and as part of a partnership will be addressed all year, with decisions made in July that will change things for good or for ill and have a lasting impact on all your relationships.  If unattached, you are likely to meet someone who has what you don’t and together you are better than either is apart and if attached you can find your relationship either deepening in its intensity or you will no longer suffer in silence and demand changes that you want but may not have articulated.  Partnership formation is likely with someone likely to be a little bit older, more experienced, or perhaps even foreign born coming into your orbit. Miscommunication in March can wreak havoc with legal or educational matters, bring personal misunderstandings in July and bring old love to the table complicating things in November.

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