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Overview 2016



Professional restructuring continues with some obstacle moving out of your way in the summer clearing your path for advancement in the fall.  Look to make allies out of what once were enemies and you can form a united front that can result in a pretty cool partnership, so look for slightly older or more experienced partners while out trolling.  Old generational beliefs about what is or isn’t fair continue to be torn down and replaced by new more current ideals based on evidence you see with your own eyes which can leave you either liberated or reeling by mid-summer depending on how you have lived your life.  Help from behind the scenes arrives at the Solar eclipse in early March while the Lunar Eclipse in late March reveals an open enemy, with matters coming to some kind of conclusion in between the Eclipses Sept 1 and 16th. Mars  in your 9th house of legal, educational and important matters at a distance between April and September promises a long, hard fight with a good outcome at the end if your paperwork is in order, so when things seem to go left between April and June remember that it is a marathon, not a sprint. Mercury retrograding brings miscommunication or misunderstandings in in your career sector in January, money sector in May and work, responsibility and health in September. 




An easy transition from what may have been an avocation into a vocation is likely during the first half of  this year with few of the obstacles of the last 3 years around to slow your progression.  You can set yourself free from ideals which no longer serve your interests if you choose and, as if by magic, old restrictions begin to fall away to be replaced by better structures for you to work within and outside of. You can count on old friends or colleagues to come through for you at the Solar Eclipse in early March with the result manifesting in early September as well as build a new job or work situation into your life by the light of the Lunar Eclipses in the end of March and September.  Although it usually takes money to make money have a care with spending beyond your means with Mars in your money house between March and September and if you do have to fix something, do it right the first time or it will end up costing you more in the long run. Love fills your life during the first half of the year with new relationships for single Bulls and with fertility and creativity at a peak, have a care with the things you create because they can take on a life of their own as the year progresses.  Mercury retrograding wreaks havoc with legal, educational or important matters in January, your personal life in May and your love life in September.





A challenging year is ahead as Saturn continues a two year opposition of your sign bringing what you deserve, for good or for ill.  Partnerships may prove particularly challenging, as all will be tested to see if they are still useful structures in your life.  Change doesn’t hurt us, resisting the change is what causes all the pain. Be careful not to mount an offensive between April and July and wait for accurate information to be in hand and you’ll know by September who is both with you and agin’ you.  New information about professional matters is revealed at the eclipses in March and September and if you’ve lived your life right, you can reach a long term effort to achieve a hope, wish, goal or objective by the fall.  Something new comes to light at home during the first half of the year freeing you in some way and spurring the desire for a stable home world by either refurbishing existing property or purchasing property even if you aren’t planning on living there right away.  The second half of the year brings fun and frolic as the love principle expands along with your creativity.  Mercury retrograding in January wreaks havoc on your jointly held resources, puts knives in secret enemies hands in May and causes problems at home in September. 




Responsibilities continue to pile up this year with restrictions and delays where you work bringing frustration and the subsequent lack of ease can manifest in physical distress if you push too hard or burn the candle at both ends until you run out of ends. The biggest challenge for you is to manage your time and effort, avoid procrastination and be receptive to restructuring where you work rather than what you do. Get second and possibly third opinions about medical issues and remember that you control what you intake - no one else.  An emphasis on legal, educational or important matters is likely with developments in both March and September working out rather favorably which can result in professional advancement by the fall that can represent a pinnacle of achievement of some kind. The pace of your daily living picks up during the first half of the year with short-distance, short-duration travel finishing up what you started last fall which can lead to taking some time off to regroup and restore your weary soul during the second half of the year.  Mercury retrograding can wreak havoc in January with partnerships and intimate-one-to-one relationships, cause misunderstandings with colleagues and groups in May and cause you to fall behind the daily power curve in September. 




Responsibilities regarding lovers or children grow as the year progresses, and it is likely to be anything but amusing, so have a care with the things you create because they can be long-lasting influences in your life for good or for ill.  Something new comes to light at the Solar Eclipse in March and September that allows you to heal from some injury to your psyche, while the Lunar eclipses finish up the rearrangement of your day to day living to something you can manage.  Opportunities to make more money appear during the first half of the year while the second half brings an increase in short-distance, short-duration travel and may even bring the opportunity to reach a larger audience with your words as you learn something pretty useful about your world.  Love and laughter fill your heart for a good part of the year with challenges coming between April and July as things that were going well seem to take a small step back and demand more time and attention than you planned on.  Mercury retrograding in January wreaks havoc with your work and responsibilities, in May with professional actions and in September with money and finances. 




Jupiter in your sign for the first half of the year promises the best opportunity for advancement since the 2004 time span with continued growth in both personal and professional relationships.  The second half of the year brings financial remuneration for a job well done as you can increase the amount of money you earn or get involved in some decent financial investments with new partners.  Saturn squaring your sign all year brings structures which have outlived their usefulness in your life to a close, but opens the door for new structures that better suit your wants and needs according to how you define them.  Changes at home are inevitable so rather than resisting, embrace the change and you can eliminate some useless behaviors and situations which may have held you back in the past.  The remodeling bug hits you after April but know where the load-bearing beams are before knocking down any walls, in either the physical or esoteric sense of the word and plan on anything taking way longer than you’d like if you begin it before Mars resumes it’s forward motion in July.  The Solar Eclipses are in your sign, along with Jupiter, so you can expect people who are quite good for you to enter your life in the Spring and Fall, while the Lunar Eclipses solidify your financial position and finish up what was started in 2014.  Mercury retrograding in January can bring fits and starts with lovers, children or the creative process, miscommunication in May with legal, educational or important matters at a distance, and your physical being and interpersonal relationships in September. 




The Lunar Eclipses are in your sign this year focusing your attention on your emotional wants and needs and the relationships that either support or undermine you getting them met, a process begun in the end of 2014.  Do not be afraid to let relationships that have outlived their usefulness in your life go, knowing that when Jupiter enters your sign in August for the first time since 2004 you will have room in your life for new ones that better suited to who you are now.  New interpersonal relationships are likely in the fall and will be significantly different than ones in your past which is exactly why you need them to breath new life into your life.  Make sure your finances are in order before taking on any new burdens as the Lunar Eclipses in March and September will show you things that you can afford to cut out with little or no disruption in your standard of living.  The pace of your day to day living will pick up dramatically this year with either short-distance, short-duration travel or a chance to learn something in either a formal or informal setting; just be patient when things fall apart between April and June and know that some stuff was an overreach or a gamble and you’ll be able to consolidate things into something you can manage by September.  Mercury retrograding in January wreaks havoc at home, causes financial hardship and reversals in May and frustrates the heck out of you in September. 




Now that Saturn is finally out of your sign, you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that three of the toughest years in the last 29 are over and anyone or thing you have left in your life is something real that you can depend upon in the future.  Finances will be difficult all year, but you’ll be surprised at how little you really need to get by on and you may even learn to appreciate what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Unanticipated expenses strain your budget between March and September with particular intensity between April and June.  The Solar Eclipses in March and September bring the love principle into your life in a very real sense and single Scorpions may find someone to love inside of their own social circle in the spring or fall and attached ones feel the support on a deep soul level.  Be careful in rendering judgments because the Lunar Eclipses in March and September will point any fingers back at you that you point at others, and crow is a most distasteful meal.  You can reach a long held hope, wish, goal or objective by August as a group helps propel your interests and you may be surprised to see you have allies behind the scenes who come to the rescue in the fall.  Mercury retrograding in January brings miscommunication and misunderstandings in your day to day living, conflict with open enemies and erstwhile partners in May and confusion within a group in September. 




Saturn in your sign for the first time since 1986 brings both fulfillment and difficulty, depending on how you have lived your life.  Restrictions and delays are likely in personal and professional relationships as all will be tested to see if they merit a place in your present or future. Certainly some structures have outlived their usefulness in your life, and you should know that change doesn’t hurt - it is resisting the change that causes all the pain and Saturn in your sign is both slow and inexorable in its ability to tear things down.   Mars, also in your sign between March and September, means you won’t back down from a fight; even if your usual inclination is to walk away you won’t this time, so pick and choose your battles wisely and remember between April and June that you sometimes have to lose a battle in order to win the war; so pace yourself and avoid making enemies out of what might be perfectly good allies.   The Solar Eclipses in March and September will point out the weak links in your home and profession with opportunities to fix any professional problems by July and home problems by September. The Lunar Eclipses at the same time will bring a group effort to help you out or at least light up the right path for you to take to get what it is you say that you want.   Mercury retrograding in January brings financial problems, work and health related problems in May and professional misunderstandings and set-backs in September. 




You have reached a series of hopes, wishes, goals or objectives over the last three years, and now it it time to take a step back and incorporate all of those changes into your life, a process that is likely to take the next two years or so. Take your time and enjoy the finishing up phase rather than starting new ones as the energy just won’t be there.  Your energy levels fluctuate dramatically between March and September so be careful not to bite off more than you can chew and remember that it is okay to ask for help when you need it or you will collapse in an exhausted heap between April and June.  The Solar Eclipses in March and September bring new starts to legal or educational matters while powering up the pace of your day to day living as the Lunar Eclipses put the final touches on professional and home matters in the spring and fall.  The latter half of the year brings professional success and acknowledgement of a job well done with either a promotion or increase in responsibility as well as the clout that goes along with it.  Mercury retrograding in your sign in January brings miscommunication and misunderstandings in interpersonal relationships, wreaks havoc with children, lovers and creativity in May and compounds legal or educational matters in September. 




All of the frustration of the last three years melts away with friends and colleagues working together as a group to bring you what you say you want.  Expect to expend a ton of energy between March and September to force the group to work towards your ends and expect a couple of defectors between April and June but any reasonable effort should yield a good result as the year progresses.  The Solar Eclipse in March calls your attention to the resources you share with others, and rather than looking for new sources to tap, focus your energy on maximizing existing ones and much like a Phoenix, you can rise from the ashes by the eclipses in the fall.  The Money Gods smile on you during the first half of the year as you complete your metamorphosis and you are ready to take your show on the road in August and show ‘em what you’ve got.  You can find a common ground with someone who can be a pretty good partner to you and fun to be along on the extensive travel between September and the end of the year.  Mercury retrograding in January can bring out the secret enemies into the light where you can deal with them, causes miscommunication and misunderstandings at home in May and brings problems with jointly-held resources along with a dark night of your soul in September. 




The Eclipse cycle shifts to your sign this year, so expect changes in your interpersonal relationships in March and September designed to bring you greater fulfillment of your wants and needs.  Jupiter opposing your sign for the first half of the year puts the emphasis on partners with hooking up with someone a little bit older or more experienced bringing a stability to your life that’s been missing lately along with financial security and opportunity during the second half of the year as you benefit from partner’s resources and unearned income.  You have to be careful for what you wish for as Saturn squaring your sign will bring it but at a price you might not be willing to pay so know that the responsibilities at work are likely to increase between March and September without much remuneration and consolidation is likely so you’ll have to work to make the cut when things get hairy between April and June.  You won’t be sure of any outcomes until the eclipses in the fall, so just do your job to the best of your ability and the equitable, not fair, thing will happen as the year finishes up.  Mercury retrograding in January can cause misunderstandings within groups, wreak havoc with short-distance, short duration travel and the lower courts in May and problems with misunderstandings between partners in September. 

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